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Smart Home Control
Name:DC Motor wireless controller
Model:DTY820A (V7.0)
Description:DTY820A (V7.0) is a professional wireless intelligent digital motor control system which is developed with advanced wireless intelligent remote control technology and special microcomputer procedure chip
It is applicable for controlling positive and negative rotation of all kinds of DC12V/DC24V motors, which with nice design, reliable performance and it is easy to use
Function parameter
Receiver: DTY820A(V7.0)
Transmitter: DTY180PC

1.Remote control and receiver match code remotely
2.The remote control has a digital screen, which has 100 channels are available to control 100 controllers.
3.The running directions of motors can be reversed easily
4.Support external manual switches, remote control and manual control are compatible
5.Support external Normal open limit switches
6.Single control and group control are available

1. The product is suitable for controlling the running direction of DC12V/DC24V DC motors
2. It is applicable for electric door, electric roller shutter door, electric curtain; electric sunshade curtain; electric projection screen etc.

1. Working voltage:12VDC/24VDC
2. Frequency: 315MHz/433MH
3. Working current:≤10A
4. Load power:≤240W
5. Transmitting power: 15mW
6. Receiving sensitivity: -100dB
7. Working temperature: -30℃~+70℃

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