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Smart Home Control
Name:Motor wireless remote control System DTY820HT
Description:DTY820HT/DTY820HR adopts STC wireless microcontroller, which is specially designed for all kinds of tubular motor. This system consists of motor wireless receiver DTY820HR and multi-functional transmitter DTY820HT with LCD. DTY820HT has characteristics of function display with LCD, easily operated, nice looking, safe and reliable, and easy to use
Function parameter
Transmitter: DTY820HT
Receiver: DTY820HR

Main Features: 
1. AC220V/DC12V optional;
2. Running time and direction can be set(8 plans each day);
3. Receiver ID and transmitter ID can be set freely;
4. Have motor keeps running upto one hour;
5. Daily plans can be checked with the transmitter with LCD.

1.220V/50Hz AC tubular motor; 12V DC tubular motor;
2 Electric curtain; electric sunshade curtain; electric projection screen.

Technical Specifications:
1.Working voltage: 190VAC-240VAC /12VDC  
2.Working current: ≤10A
3.Power ≤200W
4.Frequency: 315MHz/433MHz
5.Operation temp: -30℃~+70℃
6.Transmission power: 15mW
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