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Body Worn Camera
Product Name: DTY VX50 1 ch mini dvr with LCD display mini dvr
Product model: VX-50
Application range:Administrative law enforcement, personal hobby, vehicle driving record, family monitoring,
Product overview: A unique structure, compact, light weight, large storage capacity, high-definition portable video device by 1.44 inch LCD screen, wide angle camera design, lithium battery built-in 2000mAh/3.7V support 32GB TF Card
Function parameter
1, portable equipment using 1.44 inch LCD screen design;
2, a wide angle camera design for portable equipment;
3, video video (including video and audio) reached 640*480 (VGA) @30FPS;
4, 2000mAh/3.7V's built-in lithium battery, continuous video for more than 12 hours (Guan Ping);
5, portable devices support 32GB TF Card; support video automatic coverage written and recorded a full stop;
6, the boot automatically into the recording state (boot record function);
7, the use of a toggle switch operation, can realize video, playback, upgrades and other functions;
8, the user equipment ID, time and date, the watermark in the video file;
9, the recording of the content can be easily backed up to your computer via USB interface;
10, the system is designed to use password management mode, and hide the user authentication setup program, to protect the illegal entry into the system settings;
11, portable equipment system has a unique "utility settings" option, allows the user to set the "password", "screen off time", "video segmentation time", "storage mode", "play" and "device ID, or even to display your portrait in the boot image.

Product image

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