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Security industry consumer market demand for large industrial concentration incr
来源:德天元实业  添加时间:2015-07-17 11:25:32
With the growth of the national economy, the security industry began to grow rapidly in the "fifteen" period, the annual compound growth rate is close to 30%. Security industry market size increased from 140 billion yuan in 2007 to 2013 3882 billion yuan, China's security industry achieved rapid development; from 2007 to 2013, the industry compound growth rate reached 15.68%, the development of the security industry has accelerated the trend.
At present, most of the security companies will focus on the industry standard, and said the security industry is lack of industry standards, the market is relatively chaotic, which greatly affected the development of the security industry. At this stage, it is difficult to fully regulate the industry, the problem is also very complicated. From a policy oriented perspective, the Third Plenary Session of the security industry, the direction of the city has risen to the level of peace and security in china. Security products will not only be video surveillance products, system level products will become the main direction of the future.
From the level of profitability, gross margin level of the enterprise security is much higher than other electronic and information science and technology enterprises, Kang, UOB's gross margin ahead of electronic and information technology industry average. China's security industry from scratch, after decades of development has formed a certain scale. Under the impetus of the global economic integration, the industry will continue to increase the degree of industry concentration will continue to be a leader in the industry.
In safe city construction, the security industry with civilian needs and market demand multiple factors promote, is expected in the future 5 years of security industry market demand will respectively 20-80% of different growth and overall annual growth rate will remain at around 20%.
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