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Video surveillance will be in the name of the name of the Nuggets in the future
来源:德天元实业  添加时间:2015-07-17 11:21:52
In the current network technology has been developed quite mature, analog video monitoring has been very difficult to meet the current application requirements, here are a few of the most important reasons, one of which is the clarity of the analog camera has become increasingly difficult to meet the user's demand, has been using the analog camera users think maybe enough, but once the definition and network camera, the gap immediately presents, improved the resolution of the benefits are obvious, in the event of accident, criminals dress looks more easily resolved.
The new development of the technology of the Internet of things
In the current application of networking technology, there are still many contain wireless transmission technology development factors, such as in many wireless transmission technology, there is still no standards exist for relatively stable, which makes manufacturers in product design is in a dilemma, you need to weigh a lot of to make a decision. And in the field of video surveillance, WiFi even are already quite mature, but to want to realize the ideal of remote video transmission, still need to balance and choice. This is due to the current situation of the basic network construction of China's relatively low in clarity and transcode settings to make, network bandwidth is not enough, to achieve the requirements of high-definition video monitoring transmission is, of course, talk about luxury. And 3G, 4G wireless transmission is due to the price of its high greatly limits its application in the field of video surveillance, strictly speaking, these problems are not big problem the, I believe with the national attention in the information industry, series of related optimization policy put forward together with the upgrading of the network infrastructure, these problems will maneuver and the solution, I believe then, in the Internet of things technology boost, video surveillance will usher in a new round of upsurge in the development of.
As a kind of wireless transmission technology, network technology, the future of its application will be more extensive, as the application of the three kinds of Bluetooth wireless transmission technology, Thread and ZigBee in the field of intelligent Home Furnishing is quite common, and now the video monitoring field, the network camera used in common is WIFI (widely used in video monitoring field in addition to WIFI and 3G and 4G), the application of wireless technology, which is only suitable for installation in the fixed camera position breaks the space constraints, greatly extends the application field of network camera, especially in the current hot field of intelligent Home Furnishing, network camera with wireless transmission performance has become one of the key equipment in the field of intelligent Home Furnishing, like the traditional video giant Hikvision, UOB shares fluorite music orange and emerging Internet companies such as millet and 360 are in this field of force, the network camera visible blessing wireless transmission technology, has become popular in the field of video surveillance.
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