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GPRS, 3G and WiFi transmission technology competition
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In 1886, Geneva government promulgated the "Geneva imprint" rule by in movement engraved "Eagle and key" pattern "Geneva imprint as movement origin identification to prevent identification of Geneva being pirated abused. (source: moment of transmission)
2009 Geneva clock and micro Engineering Laboratory (Timelab, time Lab) is responsible for the operation of the "Geneva imprint" project. Is to be a private fund Timelab, composed of a nine person committee chaired, including six from the fields of education, economy and finance of Geneva, on behalf of the government, the three representatives from the Geneva watchmaking industry, Geneva state government official authorization neutrality and independence to ensure Timelab.
"Geneva seal" rule
In 2011, but also "Geneva imprint of the 125th anniversary of the" Geneva imprint use hundreds of years the only for movement parts of 12 certification rules has been greatly modified, the new rules in technology includes three parts.
Part 1 continued to use the old principles, in the new version can be summarized into 9, respectively of molding parts, spring and a lever spring, plywood, jewel bearing, train, escapement mechanism, adjusting mechanism, control system and other movement components materials, size and chamfering, grinding and polishing processing make a detailed specification.
The new part 2 on the packaging shell components including watchcase, watchband, key external chamfering, grinding and polishing, precision processing of standard.
The new part 3 on a table (header) performance, including waterproof performance of not less than 3 bar; 7 days travel time deviation not more than 1 minutes; power storage not less than published values.
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