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police car
A complete monitoring system for police car surveillance in Russia
Product name:4 ch hdd mobile dvr
Model :VR8800-3G
Features :GPS location and realtime tracking,3G realtime monitor,automatic upload
Project description:Track and record all the circumstances of law enforcement on site, including the police power, location, speed and other information,it is professional for dispatching and managing law enforcement system
oil transportation vehicles
Dispatching system for oil transportation vehicles from a country of Middle Eas
Product name:4 ch dual sd card mobile dvr
Features:GPS location and realtime tracking,3G remote monitor
Project description:this requirement is from local large oil transmission company, 3g &gps application is very helpful for the safety and working site management of oil vehicles.
law enforcement for policeman
UK distributor keep purchasing portable dvr for law enforcement
Product name: portable dvr for law enforcement
Model :VX-50
Features :support sd card, record time up to 8hours,support IR night vision
Project description:When policeman deal with all kinds of police cases (including police intelligence, patrol, traffic accidents,etc) they must turn on this recorder for real time audio /video capture as evidence of scene investigation, which is help to strengthen law enforcement.
Office monitor
Office building monitor project in England
Product Name :8ch HDD MDVR 
Model :VR8808-3G
Function:3G remote monitor .FTP,Email auto  uploading 
Project description : For protect the public property and the personal safety of the staff ,it is necessary to install the CCTV system in the office building .So a British company let us to design a office building  monitor plan for them . 
video surveillance for factory
surveillance system for factory local safety in Egypt
Product :8ch hdd mobile dvr
Model :VR8808N
Features: RJ-45 wired internet,video transmission and monitor, mobilephone monitor
Project description:it can effectively control the whole operation situation of the factory through the combination of APP and burglar alarm system, Manager can find any potential safety hazard and minimize the accidental loss. 
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