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Cargo Lorry
Turkey Cargo lorry remote monitoring and dispatch system
Product: 4CH G Dual SD Card Mobile DVR
Model: VR8720-3GW
Function: GPS positioning and tracking, 3G remote monitoring, WiFi connection.
Project Description: This project is carried out with our distributor In Turkey, which covered around 1000 sets DVR, which is applicable for video surveillance and moving path tracking, in order to manage the driver’s behavior, and avoid the cargo’s shortage or missing. 
City Bus
In Bangalore(India),Buses Surveillance System
Product: 4CH 3G HDD Mobile DVR
Model: VR8800-3G
Function: GPS positioning and tracking, 3G remote monitoring
Project description: DTY cooperated with the bus company directly, and help them to build up a fresh new remote monitoring system, which realized the remote access and fleet control by Ocx Client only, no need any third party software any more.
Taxi Cabs
New Zealand Government Project for 600 Taxi Cabs
Product: Taxi Cabs DVR
Model: MD12(TP100)
Function:GPS positioning and tracking, Alarm status indicator, All log activity, Data encryption, Data Safety Lock. 
Project Description: It is a government order, the system has been approved as professional In-Vehicle Taxi Camera Security System in New Zealand,and the system support to record all the log activity, and data encryption function. 
Cash Truck
Melbourne(Australia) Cash Truck remote management project
Product: 4ch HDD Mobile DVR
Function: GPS positioning and tracking, 3G remote monitoring, Wi-Fi Function, OCX client remote access system
Project Description:  VR8800-3GW also applicable for cash truck’s remote monitoring, It adopts embedded Linux processor and operation system, combined with the advanced audio& video compression technology, GPS positioning technology, 3G communication, which can make sure the safety of the cash trucks via the central remote monitoring real time tracking,and playback analysis program.
School Bus
School Bus CCTV Surveillance system
Product: 4ch Dual SD Card Mobile Vehicle DVR
Function:GPS positioning and tracking, 3G remote access
Project Description: The school bus dvr can guarantee the children’ s personal safety and health, the remote monitoring system is very necessary and important for all schools and parents. So far we have taken over many domestic and overseas orders for school bus remote managements system. 
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