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Dear customer:
Hello! Thank you for the purchase of Shenzhen City, Tianyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Tianyuan") products!
To protect your legitimate rights and interests, to remove your worries, please buy German Tianyuan products through the formal channels, Tianyuan Germany to provide customers with the following three packs of services:
1) return
Seven days no reason to return. Within seven days from the date of purchase, the product does not affect the two sales situation, the customer can choose to return.
If the normal use of the conditions, the German Tianyuan product quality failure, customers have the right to choose to return, return the freight borne by De Tianyuan. Due to personal preference or false operation caused by failure, customers can choose to return, return the freight borne by the customer.
Special tips: according to the specific purchase and sale contract, the special sale of products do not enjoy the return service; demo machine special sale, do not enjoy the De Tianyuan replacement machine related policies.
Fifteen days no reason to return. Within fifteen days from the date of purchase, the product does not affect the two sales situation, the customer can choose a replacement.
Germany Tianyuan can provide the replacement of the same paragraph, or make up the difference to replace other types of products.
Under normal circumstances, due to the quality of the product itself or failure of the replacement costs generated by De Tianyuan bear. The customer reasons (personal preferences or misuse of the product caused by the failure of the replacement) freight borne by the customer.
Special note: depending on the purchase and sale contract, to the sale of products do not enjoy replacement service; demo machine special sales, do not enjoy De Tianyuan replacing machine policy.
3) repair
Germany Tianyuan on sale of products to provide a year free warranty service, part of the product to provide free of charge for one year maintenance services (specifically, please refer to the description of the goods), accessories three months free of charge.
In the warranty period, De Tianyuan is free to repair or replace the damaged parts of the product quality. The warranty, whether man-made or natural damage of parts caused by damage, detianyuan parts replacement or repair, only to receive cost.
When the repair product, please provide the purchase invoices, customers need to bear the cost.
L random sales products and sales of independent or non - standard class products warranty policy, please refer to promotional products and independent sales or non - standard class products corresponding warranty certificate.
L packing box is not within the scope of the guarantee.
L special project product warranty period to purchase and sale contract shall prevail.
L demo machine special sale, do not enjoy the De Tianyuan replacement machine related policies, the warranty period to purchase and sale contract for the.
Exception clause
The following situation does not belong to the category of "three packs":
L users without disassemble, modified or non products after Tianyuan belongs or authorized service center and technical personnel to repair or disassembly.
L non products required in the work environment using caused by failure or damage (for example temperature is too high, too low, too wet to or dry, high altitude, water, mechanical damage, broken, voltage or current is not stable voltage is too high, and so on).
L because of the software, virus or the use of self compiled, non standard, third parties not publicly issued software to cause or damage to the issue.
L due to customer or third party use or not in accordance with the product specification is not the correct installation, use of failure or damage.
L no product serial number, product warranty card, or product serial number and subject to vague, damaged, can not be identified.
L due to irresistible force such as earthquake, fire, lightning, floods and other products caused by failure or damage.
Failure or damage l use non Tianyuan production or sale of parts caused by.
L beyond the "three pack" valid term.
L the terms & conditions provides detianyuan all the blame on the products, and replace all other express or implied warranty and / or responsibility, no matter what causes normal users can not use any indirect loss caused, the German Tianyuan bear only the applicable national law required must assume responsibility.
L repair and replacement parts to Germany Tianyuan all.
L product machine and its components, which is maintained by the German Tianyuan, continue to enjoy the service commitment of the standard. Repair parts if the repair of three months after the end of the free warranty period, Germany Tianyuan commitment to the part of the free warranty service extended to three months since the date of repair. At that time, please provide an effective maintenance record.
L in the daily use, or in every time before receiving the service, please be sure to promptly take the important information for you to backup, so as not to lose. Tianyuan is not responsible for the use or maintenance of any loss caused by the loss of data or other intangible assets.
L send the product before, please properly packed and pay attention to the earthquake, careful selection of ways of sending and transport operators and the purchase of insurance and transportation, the German Tianyuan does not assume any loss caused by the customer in the mail.
Special note
L this commitment applies only to the German Tianyuan products in the territory of the people's Republic of China (except for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions).
L the provisions of this pledge not listed in accordance with the provisions of the "Three Guarantees" and the relevant provisions of the consumer protection act.
L in line with the provisions of the three packs of the premise, Germany and Tianyuan to retain the final interpretation of the commitment.
L de Tianyuan has the right to change and change the promise.
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