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Product warranty
(1) guests find that the product has quality problems, first of all to get in touch with the company's business staff, first try to get through the "remote contact" (mainly through the Internet
Network communication tools and e-mail) to address the way. Don't send the product to our company without the consent of the company.
(2) the company's products in Tianyuan, if there is a quality problem of the company's responsibility, the implementation of two years of free maintenance, two years after the maintenance cost of maintenance only charge.
(3) from the freight rework product by the customer "".
(4) repaired products mailing address: China Shenzhen Longhua big wave Huarong Road, No. 436, Yu Tai Industrial Park, 6 floor, building 3, Shenzhen detianyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Factory address: Shenzhen City, Baoan District Longhua Dalang Yu Jingtai Industrial District 6 Building 3 floor
    The counter address: Shenzhen City, Futian District Huaqiang North Pacific security market 2B15-2B153
    Phone: 400-0688-580
    +86-755-23449980 29408181 2344998123449982
    138022823618397619 (counter)
    Fax: to +86-755-29408181 816
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