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Advantages of integrated wiring system

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Compared with traditional wiring, integrated wiring as an information transmission system for modern buildings, its main advantages are:

Traditional wiring methods Due to the lack of uniform technical specifications, users must select multiple types of cables, connectors, and wiring methods according to different applications, resulting in repeated waste of cable deployment, lack of flexibility, and the inability to support the development of user applications. Rewiring; integrated wiring system integrates the transmission of voice, data, video and other information required by modern buildings, adopts international standardized information interfaces and performance specifications, supports multi-vendor equipment and protocols, and meets the needs of the rapid development of modern enterprise information applications.

With the integrated wiring system, users can flexibly and conveniently implement line change and reorganization according to actual needs or changes in the office environment, and adjust the network mode required for construction to fully meet the needs of user business development;

The integrated wiring system adopts a structured star topology wiring method and standard interface, which greatly improves the reliability and manageability of the entire network, and greatly reduces the management and maintenance costs of the system;

The modular system design provides good system expansion capability and support for future application development, fully guaranteeing users' investment in wiring and providing users with long-term benefits.

The integrated wiring system solves many problems in the traditional wiring method and provides an advanced and reliable solution with long-term benefits. With the rapid development of modern information technology, the integrated wiring system will become an indispensable infrastructure for modern intelligent buildings.

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