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Integrated wiring system features

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Compared with the conventional wiring, the characteristics of the integrated wiring system can be summarized as follows:

(1) Practicality: After implementation, the wiring system will be able to adapt to the development of modern and future communication technologies, and achieve unified transmission of signals such as voice and data communication.

(2) Flexibility: The wiring system can meet the requirements of various applications, that is, any information point can connect different types of terminal equipment, such as telephone, computer, printer, computer terminal, electric fax machine, various sensor parts and image monitoring. Equipment, etc.

(3) Modularity: Except for the horizontal cable fixed in the building in the integrated wiring system, all the other connectors are basic standard components, which can interconnect all voice, data, image, network and building automation equipment. For ease of use, relocation, alteration, expansion and management.

(4) Scalability: The cabling system is expandable, so that new devices can be easily expanded when there is a greater use in the future.

(5) Economical: The use of integrated wiring system can reduce the number of managers. At the same time, because of the modular structure, the difficulty of work greatly reduces the cost of changing or relocating the system in the future.

(6) Universality: It can adapt to various computer and network topologies that conform to international communication standards, and can adapt to communication requirements of different transmission speeds, and can support and accommodate the operation of various computer networks.

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